BFFP T-Shirts

Volunteers, friends and family all love our BFFP Sole Patrol t-shirts. We've ordered another batch of shirts for supporters, volunteers and friends of the program. We're using our same classic design but selling them in a new, Philly-centric colors just in time for hockey season. Shirts are $20 each and printed on super-comfortable distressed canvas.


Rep BFFP and your favorite Philly team!

Order a shirt using the Paypal button below and pick your color (black, green, blue). We can deliver shirts via mail or bring it to clinic for volunteers to pick up! Please make sure to indicate your size, preferred color, and shipping address.

BFFP T-shirt back (green model)

BFFP T-shirt back (green model)

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All sizes are men's.
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Please provide your address if you want it shipped to you. When possible, we'd like to give it to you in person.

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Now that you've filled out the form above, send us a payment for $20 using the Paypal button below. Thanks!